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Due to the retirement of one of our Administrators at the end of the year, an opportunity has become available to join TEAM JDTC, as a Volunteer Member, to fill the role.  Full training will be provided to the fortunate candidate.  If you are interested, please email us at


The next opportunity to join is Term 3 starting 17th July 2022 (see 2022 Training Calendar).  A waiting list is now open so, if you would like to join – and be guaranteed a place – please send an email via the CONTACTS Page or to our email address as soon as possible.


Memberships are for 4 consecutive terms (5 terms if you start in Junior Puppy for dogs under 20 weeks of age on joining) with the emphasis on CONSECUTIVE.  So, please consider carefully before applying if a clash of priorities is likely.

Membership fees are a one-off payment covering the whole 4/5 term membership (see MEMBERSHIP FEES).  The request for payment comes as STAGE 1 of the Joining process and consolidates your place.

The Joining process is conducted by email, starting with an email of interest via the CONTACTS Page or to our email address  (follow the prompt ‘How Do I Join‘ on the Home page for a more comprehensive explanation).

Handlers MUST wear enclosed shoes for training; thongs and the like are NOT permitted – in accordance with our insurance terms and conditions.  Failure to comply will result in not being able to train.

When there is an adverse weather warning eg heavy rain or temperatures in excess of 30 degrees – which would mean that training is to be cancelled –  a message to that effect will be posted on this page (and Facebook) by 7.00am on that particular Sunday morning.


COVID requirements are diminishing fast, particularly from Friday 29th April.  So, if you feel that you prefer to wear a mask then by all means do so but, otherwise, there are no restrictions – beyond being responsible and to think of others.  We will continue to provide hand sanitiser as our part of the bargain.

Date: 27th April 2022