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  • The waiting list and intake for Term 4, which started on 11th October 2020, is closed and fully subscribed.
  • The next intake will be Term 1/2021 which commences on 7th February 2021 for which the waiting list is now open.  Please ensure you follow the prompt “How Do I Join” on the Home page to learn all about our training/admin processes and procedures.
  • Uppermost in our thoughts continues to be COVID-19 and the conditions that the pandemic has imposed upon us.  Although restrictions are being eased from time to time, we continue to be duty bound to honour the fundamental requirements of social distancing, regular hand sanitising, avoiding touching training equipment (eg bring your own mats) and, staying away from training on a training day if you feel unwell.  By everyone honouring those restrictions it will give us our best opportunity to provide as safe an environment as possible for all concerned in and around Lexcen  Park (Glengarry Oval for Agility on a Tuesday evening) on our Sunday morning training sessions.
  • We now have opportunities for those who would like to be considered for (volunteer) Instructor with us.  So, if it has crossed your mind to want to help out in a very rewarding manner, please send us an email via the Contacts page.

    Stay safe and healthy.     

Dated 12th October 2020

PLEASE NOTE 1: Because of the restrictions on numbers, we have to know in advance who would like to join us; arriving at Lexcen Park unannounced and hoping to join will no longer be possible.  Consequently, a revised system is now in place which you can follow by accessing the ‘How Do I Join‘ page.

PLEASE NOTE 2: When there is an adverse weather warning which would mean that training is to be cancelled, a message to that effect will be posted on this page (and Facebook) by 7.00am on that particular Sunday morning.