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Training is scheduled to go ahead at the moment but masks are no longer mandatory for training at Lexcen Park.  All other conditions remain – as outlined in the COVID19 Safety Plan, a copy of which all members were sent as part of their Reporting instructions for Term 2, namely:-

CONTACT TRACING is mandatory and applies to Members, Team JDTC and anyone else who attends.

  •          For those able to log-in electronically, please remember to bring your mobile phones and log-in at one of the many ‘SafeWA QR code’ notices that will be on display at Lexcen Park – and in the Instructor’s Class folders.
  •          For those not able to log-in electronically, there will be paper registers available for completion which you will find on a table next to the large JDTC Flag near the ‘facilities’ block.

STAY AWAY from training if you feel unwell.



Please adhere to these Terms and Conditions in and around Lexcen Park.

Date: 25th May 2021

TERM 3 – Starting 18th July – Update

  • The waiting list is open and filling fast so please make contact as soon as possible if you wish to join us in Term 3.


Ever thought of becoming an Instructor?  If it has crossed your mind to want to help out in a very rewarding manner, please send us an email via the CONTACTS Page.  Extensive training will be provide where required.


NOTE 1: Because of the restrictions on numbers, we have to know in advance who would like to join us; arriving at Lexcen Park unannounced and hoping to join will no longer be possible.  Consequently, a revised system is now in place which invites you to apply to go on a waiting list as the first step (follow the prompt ‘How Do I Join‘ on the Home page for a more comprehensive explanation).

NOTE 2: When there is an adverse weather warning which would mean that training is to be cancelled, a message to that effect will be posted on this page (and Facebook) by 7.00am on that particular Sunday morning.